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    Personal Artillery: Generation 2

     This gun came into being with a lot less flare and more experience.  The first gun was getting old, and I think I may have already found the crack in it, so I was definitely not going to use it anymore, so I went out to the store and picked up enough ABS to make 2 guns, so I wouldn't have to buy more later.  I cut this one with pretty much the same ratio in mind as the first one, but of course I just eyeballed it and didn't really measure anything.  I assembled it, let it cure for a day, and installed the igniter.  Voila, we have the second generation spud gun!  

     Vital Stats

Chamber Length - 29"
Chamber Width - 4"
Barrel Length - 28 1/2"
Barrel Width - 2"
Overall Length - 58 1/2"


P6030003.JPG (65598 bytes)  The classing look down the barrel.
P6030004.JPG (62895 bytes)  Decent side profile showing how long my leads were.
P6030005.JPG (68171 bytes)  Just another view point.
P9260001.JPG (59580 bytes)  In the shop, with a fresh coat of green paint.
P9260003.JPG (58601 bytes)  On this one I didn't realize till it was too late that I had painted the cap on, so I had to fight to get it loose again.
P9260005.JPG (56324 bytes)  This shot really shows off the color and plays with the light well.